Speaking at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles in October

Bring your own device

I'll be running a 3 hour BYOD (Bring your own device) session at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles in October.

Adobe MAX

I missed out on Adobe MAX last year (and Droid and Google TV device giveaways). It's a long way to go from Australia and you can only go to so many conferences in one year. :-) I'm really excited to going this year, there's a huge amount of content (currently 137 sessions and I'm sure more will be added!).

Here's the brief on my session:

Real-time Programming with Arduino using WebSockets

Learn how you can communicate in real time with the physical world using Arduino, a low-cost, easy-to-program open source hardware and software platform. This session looks at how to interact with Arduino hardware directly from a web browser using the WebSockets protocol and the Socket.IO JavaScript library. We'll start out by turning LEDs on and off and progress to creating graphs that react in real time to environmental sensors.

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