Bringing RIAs and Hardware together at Webinale in Berlin

Here is the code and a pdf of the slides of my talk on bringing RIAs hardware together at Webinale in Berlin Germany.

Flex code for all the demos and Arduino code for the demos.

Download a PDF of my talk (2 Mb) or view on slide share.

Any questions on my talk just comment below or email me.

Speaking at Webinale in Berlin in June

I'll be speaking about Arduinos and RIAs at Webinale in Berlin in June. Thanks goes to Kai Koening who's organising the RIA stream for the conference.

I've not been to Germany before and don't speak a word of German so it's going to be an interesting experience and i'm looking forward to it. The tracks and sessions are starting to fill out. Some of them (including mine) will be in English (thankfully).