Flex Datagrid Visibility Bug

Run into a nasty little bug with Flex datagrids the other, under some situations Datagrid columns with their visibility set to false will be displayed!

Here's a workaround.


Flex Datagrid Edit Cell on Row Click

With flex datagrids you sometimes find you have a datagrid with multiple columns but only one or two columns are editable.

Which column are editable are not immediately apparent to a user, they have to click on cells to find out what's editable or not editable.

You can add some sort of visual indication to show what cells are editable (see here) OR you can make clicking on a row edit a cell.


Flex DataGrid Editing Cells

Flex datagrids provide an easy way to edit data. However one minor issue is that by default editable cells have no visual indication that they are actually editable.

You can add a graphical or textual indication that is a cell is editable with an item renderer.