cf.Objective(ANZ) Melbourne 2010 Review

cf.Objective(ANZ) was on a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne Australia. This was my third cf.Objective() event that I've spoken at and attended (two here in Australia and one in the US). I almost didn't make it due to an unschedule stop in Iceland but managed to catch my connecting flight with minutes to spare.

There was a wide range of sessions showing at cf.Objective(ANZ) covering new programming techniques, performance, security, frameworks and a lot more.


ColdFusion Security and Risk Management at cf.Objective(ANZ) in Melbourne

Here is the pdf of the slides of my talk on Risk Management and ColdFusion Security at cf.Objective(ANZ) in Melbourne Australia. Download a PDF of my talk (480 Kb) or view on slide share. More information on some of the topics covered can be found in the related entries below. Any questions on my talk just comment below or email me.

cf.Objective(ANZ) all set to go

The workshops, sessions and speakers have been announced for cf.Objective(ANZ) and it's going to be a fantastic conference. It's being held in Melbourne Australia on the 17th (workshops), 18th and 19th of November.

I'll be giving a talk on ColdFusion security and risk analysis and showing how you can decide on what security features are effective and that you should implement on your project.

I'll also be running a one day hands on workshop on the open source Arduino platform and how you can hook it up to Flex and ColdFusion. By the end of the day you'll have a basic understanding of electronics components, digital and anolog inputs and outputs, how to use the Arduino platform and how it can communicate with the outside world.

Kai Koening is running a workshop on Flex 4 for ColdFusion developers and Charlie Arehart is running a workshop on solving ColdFusion performance and reliability issues.

Early bird pricing ends 31st of August. It's cheaper than last year so you have no excuse not to come along.

cf.Objective(ANZ) dates and venue set

cf.Objective(ANZ) dates and venue have been announced. The conference will be on 18th and 19th November in Melbourne Australia at the Rydges Hotel. so mark the dates in your calendar now!

The official call for speakers and ticket prices will be announced soon.

cf.Objective(ANZ) is on again later this year

cf.Objective(ANZ) will return to Melbourne, Australia in late 2010.

I'm on the cf.Objective(ANZ) committee and along with Kai Koenig will be organising the sessions and speakers. There no exact dates at this time and this is not an official call for speakers but if you're interested in speaking on any of the topics below (or even something else) get in touch with me.


Connecting Hardware up to ColdFusion at cf.Objective(ANZ)

Here is the code and a pdf of the slides of my talk on connecting hardware to ColdFusion at cf.Objective(ANZ) in Melbourne Australia.

ColdFusion code (including the Arduino and Socket CFCs) for all the demos and Arduino code for the demos.

The Arduino ColdFusion socket code will be up on RIA Forge shortly.

Download a PDF of my talk (2.2 Mb) or view on slide share.

Any questions on my talk just comment below or email me.