Heavy constructor JIT optimisation in ActionScript

I was running FlexPMD the other day over some code and it brought up this warning: "HeavyConstructor. Constructor must be as lightweight as possible. No control statement allowed, whereas a cyclomatic complexity of 2 has been detected. The Just-In-Time compiler does not compile constructors. Make them as lightweight as possible, or move the complexity of the code to a method called by the constructor. Then the complexity will be compiled by the JIT."

Huh? That's news to me, actionscript constructors are not compiled if they have a conditional statement in them?


ColdFusion Database Indexes

The most common problem I've run into with applications slow performance is the lack of indexes on the databases. Sometimes this is just because the application ran fine with a small amount of data but now is working off a larger amount, or the application is being used in unexpected ways (running less 'common' queries run more often), or the production environment doesn't have the same indexes as the development environment or worse case the indexes were never created in the first place.

Without indexes queries can take seconds with indexes they take milliseconds!