Second Talk at RIAcon

I'm giving a second talk at RIAcon (6th and 7th August) in just over a week.

Asynchronous unit testing with FlexUnit

A lot of operations in Flex are asynchronous. Even simple operations can be asynchronous like setting the selected item on a List box. This can make unit testing Flex code difficult.

For this session I show how to you can use features of FlexUnit (in particular the Async class) to simplify testing of ActionScript/MXML code and easily test asynchronous code. I'll show how this via real world code examples and describe in detail how to testing asynchronous code.


Tickets to RIACon are only $99 for two days and the conference is limited to 150 attendees. Here is the list of sessions.

Come along and meet with some of the best people in the ColdFusion, Flex, JavaScript and jQuery communities.

Must have Flash Builder plugins

Here's the list of useful Flash Builder plugins that I use on a daily basis when working on Flex projects.

What Flex Builder plugins and tools do you do you use on a regular basis?


How do you unit test code that does nothing?

I been working on a CPU emulator in ActionScript recently more as an exercise in how to write good code, try some methodologies and tools than I've not been using in other projects and improve my understanding of the CPU's instruction set. Someone will hopefully find it useful when I open source it.

We all know that code should be tested and that best practice involves writing unit tests and/or test driven development. Both Flash Builder and Flex Builder make it easy to write and run unit tests with FlexUnit so there's really no excuse not to. Despite that is the Flex SDK itself not having unit tests unit tests and the countless projects I've been involved in for one reason or the other that don't have unit tests (usually the excuse is we don't have time or budget to write tests - doh!), but that's another story.