A Practical Guide to Connecting Hardware to Flex at Flash and the City

I recently gave a talk on using the Flex and the Arduino platform together for the Flash and the City conference in New York.

You can download a PDF of my talk (2 Mb) or view on slide share. The talk was recorded as soon as I get the link I'll add it here as well.

The talk showed how to to turn LEDs connected to an Arduino on and off from Flex, how to control the size of shapes in Flex from an Arduino and to communication with an Arduino XML web server from Flex.


Speaking at Flash and the City in New York in June

I'll be speaking about Arduinos and Flex at Flash and the City in New York in June.

I attended Flash and the City last year and had a great time. The conference is unique1with it's city track showing you the sights of of New York. If learning about the latest development in mobile programming and ActionScript coding gets a too much for you and you need a breath of fresh air you can go and visit the Statue of Liberty2 with fellow geeks.

1 In a good way of course!

2 Or the Museum of Sex if that's more your cup of tea.