Flex Numeric Stepper with Currency

Flex's numeric stepper controls work well but will only work with numeric data so can't be used for editing currency.

Update - for a better solution look at the last code section

There's a few ways around the issues but none of the solutions are perfect.


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Single MXML file isn't needed, however, I re-implemented your solution slightly so that no actionscript in the mxml file is needed, and you simply use a reusable class.

Check it out - http://sethonflex.blogspot.com/2007/07/im-back-on-...
# Posted By Seth Caldwell | 7/27/07 10:52 AM
It can be done in a single MXML file by using outerDocument to reference a currency formatter.
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 5/18/09 6:18 PM