Flex Type Ahead List Boxes

When a user types a character the default behaviour of a list box is to jump to the first item that starts with that character. This is fine for small lists but for a long list of items it's not very useful. A better solution would be if the list box remembered what the user typed and keep looking for matches on the second character, the third character, etc etc.


Flex Filtering Long Lists

If you have a list box with a large number of items in it it can be hard for someone to find the item in the list that they need. One way around this is you add a filter on the list box.

Here's how it's done.


Flex Webservices XML and Array Conversion

I'm currently working on a project involving simple webservices, the webservices return plain XML rather than using SOAP. Personally I prefer SOAP as you get a well defined interface but on this project it was felt that plain XML was less verbose, more efficient and easy to code server side.

Anyway one of the issues with returning XML via HTTPService calls is that when flex converts the XML to objects it treats it as array if there's more than one item of the same name but as a single item (ie not an array) if there's only one item of the same name.

This causes databinding to datagrids or lists to fail.

So how do you get around this issue?