Web Video on Desktop and Devices - Flash and HTML

Right now video is a bit of a mess on the web.

The most widely supported platform for playing video on the desktop is Flash. But some devices notably the iPad and iPhone don't support Flash. If you want to be able to play your video on multiple platforms and devices what can you do?


IN operator differences in FlashPlayer 10.1 causes Advanced Data Grid multiple selection bug

One of the more subtle changes in FlashPlayer 10 vs FlashPlayer 10.1 is that the behavior of the IN operator has changed. The IN operator when used to loop over the properties of an object will return it's keys in a different order each time you run a program.


Flash Date Errors

Flash has a lot of functions for creating and setting dates but you have to be careful using them. In fact it may be safer not to use them at all.

Consider this action script:

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1var birthdate:Date = new Date();
Will this always set the date to be 17th July 1969?


Flash Instance Names - spot the error

Say we have a simple flash file with an instance of a symbol on the stage (like a rectangle). The rectangle has an instance name and we want to change or display it's properties via action script.

Here's a screen shot of the stage and the instance properties.


Flash Internationalization and Flash Fonts (part1)

Lets see how we can use the code in my previous article on internationalization and apply it to a flash fla.

Here's a flash file we want to convert: static fla(28K), static swf(12K), currently all of the text inside the fla is static text.

First we need to create some xml files containing the content in the languages we want English and French and Japanese.


Flash Internationalization

Flash has good support for internationalization but it does have a few restrictions such as you need to recompile your fla if you add a new language.

I've come up with a fairly simple way to load languages from XML files and to support the following:

  • Language defaults to the users language
  • Language can be set via a URL parameter
  • New languages can be added after the swf is deployed