A Practical Guide to Connecting Hardware to Flex

Here is the code and a pdf of the slides of my talk on connecting hardware to flex at WebDU

Code for Arduno LED Shield and Funnel IO light and temperature real time graph.

Download a PDF of my talk (1.9 Mb) or view on slide share.

Any questions on my talk just comment below or email me.

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Nice preso, too bad I wasn't there to hear and see the "ooowwwwh's" and "aaawwh's". I don't remember exactly who, but I believe it was Serge Jespers who did a preso about Flash and Electronics.
# Posted By Michael van Leest | 5/22/09 6:16 PM
Slides now also up on slide share. http://www.slideshare.net/ClassSoftware/a-practica...
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 5/25/09 6:36 PM

Thank you very much for featuring FIO in your demonstration! Please let me know if you have suggestions about FIO and/or Funnel.

# Posted By Shigeru Kobayashi | 5/31/09 11:13 PM
Thank you. It's an easy platform to use and makes for great demonstrations.

One improvement I think would be useful was if the Arduino class dispatched events on a digital or analogue input data change. That way there would be no need to set up timers or use on enter frame to see if inputs have changed.
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 6/1/09 12:31 AM

I'm sorry for the lacking of documentation. "dispatching events on a digital or analogue input data change" feature is already available as follows:

# Posted By Shigeru Kobayashi | 6/1/09 11:24 AM
Great stuff that's just what I wanted. I'll need to update my talk and code a little next time I give it.
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 6/1/09 11:33 AM