Speaking at Webinale in Berlin in June

I'll be speaking about Arduinos and RIAs at Webinale in Berlin in June. Thanks goes to Kai Koening who's organising the RIA stream for the conference.

I've not been to Germany before and don't speak a word of German so it's going to be an interesting experience and i'm looking forward to it. The tracks and sessions are starting to fill out. Some of them (including mine) will be in English (thankfully).

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To celebrate I've registered http://www.classsoftware.de
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 1/19/10 8:20 PM
Kai has put up the schedule (http://bloginblack.de/2010/01/webinale-2010/) for the RIA day. He's stating with his talk "Wieviel RIA braucht der Mensch?" and I'm speaking later in the afternoon. Hopefully he'll make the slides in English as well so I have some clue to what is going on. :-)
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 1/30/10 3:25 PM