Must have Flash Builder plugins

Here's the list of useful Flash Builder plugins that I use on a daily basis when working on Flex projects.

What Flex Builder plugins and tools do you do you use on a regular basis?

Flex Formatter

Formats your flex code in a certain way creating neat and consistent code across your entire project. It can export and import its settings so you whole team can format code the same way. It also optionally formats on saving a file so all files will have a common style.

Flex Formatter

SVN and Git plugins

Version control is a must on any project no matter what the team size. SVN and Git are two of the most commonly used version control systems. While other VCS clients for SVN and Git exist having version control accessible from Flash Builder saves time and context switching.

Subclipse EGit


Is a tool that will detects common issues in Flex and ActionScript code that are not picked up by the Flex compiler. It will improve code quality and it's the first thing I'll run over new code to get an idea on what its quality is like.

You may not agree on everything it complains about but it can be configured to suit your coding style. The first time you run it you will certainly learn something about how to write good code and possible one or two things about the flex framework you didn't know.

It can also show areas of code that have been copied and pasted to target what should be refactored first. It's sometimes quite outstanding to see how much of a project has been written in via copy and paste.

FlexPMD can also be called from Ant, OSX Automator and Maven and can be used as a part of a continuous integration system like Hudson.

The eclipse plugin version has recently been updated and will now work in OSX versions of eclipse and with project paths with spaces in their name (this was an outstanding bug for some time).



Is unit testing framework built into Flash builder. Unit tests are a corner stone of most modern development methodologies and are really are a must if you want to write maintainable, reliable code. You can use the built in framework or get the latest from The built in test runner in Flex Builder 4 makes running unit tests a breeze.

FlexUnit 4


FlexCover is code coverage tool for Flex and AIR. The latest version is easer to use in that you just replace the Flex SDK you are using with the FlexCover SDK and recompile. It will give you both code coverage and branch coverage for your unit tests and is a great help when witting tests to know what your tests should test for or if you have enough tests.

Even if your project doesn't have unit tests (shame on you) it can give a good indication of dead/unused areas of code.

Flex cover


ASDocs is a great way of documenting your code and making sure the documentation stays in sync with your code. Flash Builder has built in tools for generating ASDocs stubs and can generate ASDocs from the code (with a little effort) via ANT or external tools.


SourceMate is a commercial plug in for Flex builder, but in my opinion is well worth the small cost. It does many things from validating metadata (if you using a framework that uses metatdata), can generate ASdocs and Ant build scripts, looks for TODO's and FIXME's but where is really shines is in refactoring, templating and code generation. Extract method is probably the feature I use the most. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy for free at a conference and since then it's become indispensable. Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito) will have some of these features when it is released.


What Flex Builder plugins and tools do you do you use on a regular basis?

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