cf.Objective(ANZ) is on again later this year

cf.Objective(ANZ) will return to Melbourne, Australia in late 2010.

I'm on the cf.Objective(ANZ) committee and along with Kai Koenig will be organising the sessions and speakers. There no exact dates at this time and this is not an official call for speakers but if you're interested in speaking on any of the topics below (or even something else) get in touch with me.

Sessions will be the standard 60 minutes and we'll also consider half day or full day workshops. The topics are as follows:

Architecture and Design OOP & Design Patterns, Frameworks, Modeling and Business Analysis, Refactoring legacy code, Persistence, etc.

RIA and CF LC DS with CF, Using jQuery with CF, BlazeDS, Messaging, Integration of the PDF technology, etc.

Process and Methodology Agile Development, SOA, Managing large CF architectures, Managing clusters, etc.

Integration and Testing CF and Java, Build and Deployment processes, Subversion, GIT, Writing CFBuilder extensions, Server tuning, JVM Tuning, Unit Testing, etc.

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There a little more information here:
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