Connecting Hardware up to ColdFusion at cf.Objective() in Minneapolis

Here is the code and a pdf of the slides of my talk on connecting hardware to ColdFusion at cf.Objective() in Minneapolis USA.

ColdFusion code (including the Arduino and Socket CFCs) for all the demos and Arduino code for the demos.

The Arduino ColdFusion socket code is up on RIA Forge.

Download a PDF of my talk (2.2 Mb) or view on slide share.

Any questions on my talk just comment below or email me.

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Very interesting presentation Justin. During the presentation someone asked about "Practical Use Cases; for the Arduino board. SparkFun,, has a few hobby projects that people can read to get their idea juices turning.
# Posted By jbanken | 4/27/10 10:50 AM
Their are quite a few practical applications (some of which I think I mentioned in my talk) The more obvious ones are home automation, access control (keyless entry), asset tracking or monitoring, environmental monitoring, power monitoring (so called smart meters), and gardening watering systems.
# Posted By Justin Mclean | 4/27/10 11:23 AM