Speaking at RIAcon in Washington DC in August

I'm giving a preview version of my Adobe MAX talk at RIAcon (6th and 7th August) in just over a week.

Realtime programming with Arduino and WebSockets

Arduino is a low cost, easy to program open source hardware and software platform than enables you to communication in real time with the physical world. This session looks at how to interact with Arduino hardware directly from a web browser using the WebSocket protocol and the Socket.IO javascript library. We'll start out by tuning LEDs on and off and progress to creating graphs that react in real time to environmental sensors.


Tickets to RIACon are only $99 for two days and the conference is limited to 150 attendees. Here is the list of sessions.

Come along and meet with some of the best people in the ColdFusion, Flex, JavaScript and jQuery communities.

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